Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Life... After Cancer Treatment

Panibagong buhay.. na naman!

By Rolyn G. Sarmiento

Have I been too preoccupied with the things in this world that I became so complacent with almost everything? Did I completely forget the blessings that led me to where I am now? Not long ago, I begged the Lord for mercy, to spare my life and restore my health. When He gave that all to me, it made me think that I was somewhat invincible. But then the Lord had to tell me that I was wrong. That He was God, and He made me realize that I was nothing without Him. . When you are stricken with cancer, you are reminded of your mortality. You grieve, you bargain, you do all the possible things in your power to reverse your condition. I was scared to death when I was first diagnosed at age 18.. It was even frightening when the scans, the blood works and the palpable signs indicate the recurrence at 37…

I prayed fervently. Once again I begged the Lord for mercy… He did not disappoint me. I was referred by my internist to a Radiation Oncologist last April 2008. Surgery was also an option but I chose radiation. Immediately, CT planning was done. I had 33 radiation sessions. Two weeks after, there was a residual on the right side of my neck. So I had three more radiation treatments. During the entire session, my throat hurts…It was very difficult to swallow. I developed ulcers in my mouth and throat because it was near the target areas of radiation. I can’t eat anything. It was so painful that even liquids, I can’t tolerate…Di nyo alam kung gaano ako kasabik sa pagkain! I was so tired and depressed. I almost gave up… my husband Nilo was always there for me. My parents and my children were my sources of strength. My sister, Kitte comforted me even if we were miles away from each other. My friends and relatives stormed the heavens with prayers. Ang bait ng Diyos! Online, I received words of support and encouragement. The Lord gave all that I needed… and more. I received the last dose of radiation June 4, 2008. A month after the treatment, the cancer marker in my blood dropped….. I know in my heart that the Lord was healing me slowly, but surely …I was giddy with the surge of blessings. All the tests and treatments done to me yielded favorable results. I was back!

I know that having Cancer does not put anyone near the grave. I could have died just being hit by a car or even in my sleep. I know, the Lord has bigger plans for me. I’ll never get tired of sharing this miracle. The Lord is always faithful to His promises… I plan to stay a little longer, In Jesus name! lahat ng nagdasal at patuloy na nagdarasal para sa akin, maraming salamat… alam kong higit pa ang pagdurusa at paghihirap ng iba …

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