Monday, October 13, 2008

Resources - Groups that can help cancer survivor Part 2

More groups that can help cancer survivor:

Patient Advocate Foundation
Toll free: 1.800.532.5274

Patient Advocate Foundation can work with you to settle insurance, employment and debt matters resulting from your diagnosis. A case manager will work together with you, your doctor and/or your employer to help with these issues.

Sister Network, Inc.
Toll free: 1.866.781.1808

Sister Network provides individual and group support, education, advocacy and research for the African-American woman's fight against breast cancer.

Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network
Toll free: 1.800.808.7866

Us TOO International provides men and their families with fellowship, peer counseling and timely, personalized, unbiased and reliable information about prostate cancer. They also offer community awareness volunteer training for minority and undeserved populations.

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